How to UNLOCK the full potential of your website with quality content

  • By Mark Fewings

ARE you one of those people who has invested in a new website, but done nothing else with it once it’s gone live?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Loads of business owners promise to invest in content marketing and SEO, but NEVER actually get around to starting.

If you’re still keen to do so, this article will explain:

  1. Why you should publish content on a regular basis 
  2. How SEO actually works - in a way you can understand!
  3. How we can help you create content (to generate leads) 

Why you should publish content regularly 

Investing in high-quality content is a great way to improve your online visibility because…

  1. Encourages Google to crawl and index your site more 
  2. Improves public awareness of your brand 
  3. Helps bring more people to your site
  4. Makes you look more authoritative
  5. Informs people about your specialisms
  6. Establishes you as an expert in your area
  7. Creates trust between you and customers
  8. Helps unveil new products and services 
  9. Reveals any potential special offers
  10. Gives you topics to talk about on social media

If you don’t create new content, you’re basically limiting the reasons why someone should pay another visit to your website!

But your content MUST be highly relevant to your specialist area – or it’s unlikely to rank and won’t attract customers.

If you want your business to be found by more people (and more frequently), publishing SEO content might be a shrewd long-term investment.

How does SEO actually work?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an online marketing strategy which can naturally increase your website’s visibility on major search engines like Google and Bing.

Every search result shown by Google is based on the actual phrases people use – known as keywords.

The results people see are based on several different factors including:

  1. Geographical location
  2. The search intent of the user
  3. Previous search history

Google continually make changes to their algorithms to make it easier to ‘crawl’ the web and improve the service they provide.

In recent years, they have become more able to determine the search intent of users – and they want to rank pages highest if they are the 'best fit' for that search term - and the intent of a specific query. 

If you optimise your website by creating informational content that your target audience is looking for, you’ll have a better chance of it appearing in Google’s search results.

How we create content to generate leads

Before creating any content, we conduct in-depth research to find the keywords people actually use online.

Using specialist SEO tools and data from Google, we find the monthly search volumes for the keywords which matter most to your business.

We analyse whether your website could potentially rank for those terms – and devise a content strategy which will help you convert visitors into customers.

Many clients work with us because our PR & SEO team work hand-in-hand on content campaigns.

No need for two separate agencies. Just one port of call and one joined-up content strategy.

We believe this is the most effective way to maximise your online and offline visibility, both from a cost and time perspective.

The content we produce includes:

  1. SEO articles and guides – based on in-depth keyword research
  2. Press Releases – local, national and trade media
  3. Page titles & meta descriptions
  4. Headers and footers
  5. New product or service pages
  6. Brochures and leaflets
  7. Social media posts
  8. Paid social campaigns 
  9. Slideshows & videos
  10. Case Studies

When you work in partnership with us, we attend regular meetings to discuss your business priorities and identify new areas for growth.

We get to know and understand your business because it helps us produce higher-quality content on your behalf.

It also allows us to be more agile and reactive by reducing the need for several time-consuming rounds of amends.

If this sounds like a proactive approach which could work for you, please send us an email or call 01482 216006 for an informal discussion.