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​​​​​​​It's time to spring clean your website

For the Arrival team who live in the digital world a spring clean means helping our clients clean their website.

This isn’t a full list, just a few suggestions that will give your site a well-deserved clean.

Refresh your content

Give you content the once over and check for any typos or any content that isn’t relevant or doesn’t feel quite right anymore. If you have a lot of content focus on the most popular pages first, your Google Analytics account will be able to tell you this information.

Freshen up your images

Does your website have old images or stock images which look outdated. It might be worthwhile investing in professional photography which reflect your brand personality and current services or products. A few new photos can really make a difference for the user experience, your credibility and your brand image.

Update any out-of-date posts

Check dates, the copyright within the footer of your website should automatically update and check your blog posts. A blog post that dates back years may still appear knowledgeable to your audience so why simply repurpose the old content with a recent date.

Check for broken links

Check the internal and external links, clicking them to make sure they aren’t broken, and that they take you to where is expected. Use this simple link checking tool to do this for you.

Check your site on a Mobile

This is so often forgotten, check your website on your mobile. Spend time looking through your pages to ensure they look great on your device. Is the navigation easy to follow, is it in the right order, is the text easy to read, and how do your images look?

Dust off your Google Analytics

Don’t forget about GA, it’s a great way to stay on top of your visitor statistics. Checking it regularly will provide you with an insight into the types of channels, content, products, and services your visitors are interested in and where to focus your marketing efforts.

Are you ready to spring clean your website?

If you think you could use a hand with spring cleaning your website, get in touch and our team will be happy to help!

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