10 proven topics for better business blog posts

  • By Lucy Pepper

Blogs are an excellent way to share your company's expertise - and generate more traffic.

But writing a blog can be hard work.

If you're wondering what to write about, here are some great ideas for business blog posts...

1. ANSWER YOUR CUSTOMER’S QUESTIONS: An FAQ post can show you’re responsive and save customers time.

2. HOW-TO GUIDES: Is there more than one way to use your product or service? Tell people about it in a 'how-to' post.

3. SHARE INDUSTRY-RELATED NEWS: Talk about trends, how things are evolving or share the latest news from your own perspective.

4. MAKE A PREDICTION: Everybody wants to know what may happen in the future, so share your opinion.

5. SHARE YOUR SUCCESS: What are the big milestones in your company's history? Tell people about important moments and how it changed your business.

6. SHOWCASE YOUR CHARITY WORK: If your business gives back to the community, post a video or blog and let people know about it.

7. AWARDS: Write about any local, regional or national recognition you may have received.

8. PROBLEM SOLVE: Write a about a problem you solved for a customer.

9. CREATE A CASE STUDY: Give potential customers proof that your product or service is the best option & explain how it will help them.

10. CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES: Explain how your product or service has helped customers or turn a great testimonial turn it into a blog post.


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