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3 tell-tale signs your website needs a refresh

How do you know if it's time for a new website? 

Take a look and see if any of these content fails apply to you and your business!

1. You're embarrassed to give people your web address

Your website should represent your business as professionally and effectively as you do. If you find you are hesitating to give out your website address, it is time for a refresh.

2. Your team page has more people who've left on it

People come and go from every business, but you need to keep your team pages (and photos) up to date so your clients know who they are dealing with.

3. Your last article is from a year ago

Make sure you update your website at least once a month or don't publish a news section at all. There is no middle ground - or your website can quickly look stale and forgotten.

Need a new website?

A website is your best marketing asset and we recommend that you plan for a redesign at least every 3 years - rather than waiting until it's embarrassingly bad or ineffective.To discuss the latest design and digital marketing trends, email or call 01482 216006 for an informal discussion.

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