5 content marketing hacks to turn a boring blog into valuable traffic

  • By Mark Fewings

Publishing content that's useful to your current audience - and potential future customers - is a no-brainer.

But how many of us can (honestly!) say that we do this regularly?

One of the main reasons why this doesn't tend to happen is because it can actually be very difficult to come up with suitable subjects to talk about.

Hopefully, these tried-and-tested content marketing hacks will inspire you to be creative...

1. Guide Content

Content that's easy to read and digest is always a winner online. And this is where 'guide' content, tutorials or 'how-to' posts come into their own.

How many times have you 'Googled it' to search for an answer or solution to a problem? Millions of others do exactly the same every day.

Publishing in-depth 'guide' content that helps to fulfil a searcher's query is highly valued by both your current and potential audience.

And if you're the most reliable and authoritative source on your topic, it might not take too long to attract new visitors.

In the SEO world, this tactic is often referred to as creating '24/7' content - due to the fact it's always available and always accessible.

Whatever you choose to write about, make sure it's detailed (1,000 plus) and accompanied by plenty of images or videos.

2. Infographics

Infographics don't just look cool, they also present information in an easy-to-digest way.

Yes, they take time (and money) to create but people are 50 TIMES more likely to share an image on social media compared to a normal article.

If you've got the resources, definitely consider using this tactic as part of your content marketing arsenal.

3. List Posts

Love them or loathe them, list posts remain one of the most shareable and popular types of online content (you're reading one now!).

Basically this is because they're simple to skim read. Even someone who's easily distracted can take a lot of information from them.

4. Interviews

People are interested in people, not products.

As a nation of curtain twitchers, it's in our nature to be nosy. That's why interviews with your staff, customers, suppliers or other companies you work with will always be well read.

Take a look at your business closely enough and there's bound to be someone with an interesting tale to tell.

Be imaginative and try to come up with an inventive way to conduct the initial interview - via email, Skype, Twitter or via WhatsApp.

You can then take your time to tweak the content, make sure everyone involved is happy with it and only push the 'publish' button when you're ready.

5. Case Studies

Testimonials are dead. Case studies are king.

Okay, so that's not strictly true. But incorporating a testimonial into a detailed and comprehensive case study provides much more context about how you can help to solve problems.

When adopting this approach, take it step-by-step. Present the initial problem, follow it up with a roundup of what you did, before detailing the specific solution you chose and why.

Potential customers who might be facing similar issues can then understand why you're the ideal business to contact for help.

Putting it all into practice

If you follow this simple (and actionable) advice, there's no reason why you cannot create new website content that helps attract more customers.

It'll also help to impress the ones you already have. Win, win.

If you still need some ideas or inspiration, email info@arrivaldesign.co.uk or call 01482 216006 - we'll be happy to help.