How to get powerful testimonials for your website (and where to use them)

  • By Lucy Pepper

Testimonials within your website instantly add credibility and builds trust with your potential clients and is proven to increase conversions.

Here are some tips and examples to show you how to use testimonials effectively...

Be Specific

• Only use authentic and believable testimonials

• Make them specific - how did your product improve your client’s business or life?

• Highlight the key benefits of your product or service - did it save them time or money?

• Get them to be specific about the results.

“We have been delighted with the service we have received from Arrival. From concept through to delivery and on-going support, the team exceeded our expectation and deadlines. Our website has over 900,000 unique visitors a month and have seen an almost immediate return on our investment."

Steve Burns, Managing Director, Hollywood Bowl

Overcome Objections

• You need testimonials which help client’s to overcome their objections.

• Can you show potential clients your services are not too expensive?

• Or can you prove why they need to hire an expert (like you) rather than do it themselves?

“We have worked with Arrival for 10 years and they have always delivered great looking and well-constructed websites for a competitive price. I've always found them to be friendly, fair in price and honest in my dealings with them throughout our long association”.

Barry Wood, Managing Director, Metal Craft

Select Well-Known Businesses

• Recognisable names will get users attention - especially if your business wants to attract local businesses.

“Arrival have helped us communicate a consistent message to our customers for more than 10 years, and throughout that time we have seen positive results. Recent improvements to our website, combined with a focused approach to PR & SEO has seen visits and enquiries reach record levels.”

Nick Ward, Managing Director, EYG

Show Full Details

• The more information a testimonial has, the more credible it is.

• Use the person’s full name, position, company and photograph.

• Faces will make your testimonials more personal and real.

• Add the logo and a website link to the company.

• All of these tactics can be super powerful and increase conversion rates.

Where can you use testimonials?

It can be difficult to know where to put testimonials - and people often think having a single page dedicated to this is the answer.

In reality, this doesn’t really work as users might not even look at it.

A better approach is to include testimonials on the following pages:

Home Page: Often the most popular page on your website, so placing a positive and informative testimonial gives it a chance to be seen by every user.

Product or Service Pages: Adding them here allows you to be specific about what you offer. If the testimonial relates to a product or service, it could be the extra nudge needed to make an enquiry or purchase. 

Near Call to Actions: A positive testimonials sitting above your all-important call to action might convince somone to click on it. 

How can I Get Testimonials from Clients?

This can often be the hardest part, but to generate good testimonials you may need to create specific questions which encourage them to tell the story about their relationship with you and your company.

  1. What was it like before you had our product or service?
  2. What problems were you trying to solve with our product or service?
  3. What made our product or service stand out from other options?
  4. What hesitations did you have before buying our product or service?
  5. What features sold you on buying this product or service?
  6. What have you been able to achieve since using our product or service?
  7. What made you happiest about working with our company?
  8. What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?
  9. How would you describe our level of service?
  10. Would you recommend our product or service? If so, why?
  11. Can we use your feedback, along with your name and credentials for our marketing materials and website?

If you want our content team to help you create memorable testimonials, please call 01482 216006 to discuss your requirements.