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What strategic purpose does each social media platform have?

Twitter. TikTok. YouTube. Facebook. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Instagram.

The list of social media platforms continues to grow by the day.

Each one comes with its own unique position and purpose.

But before you create any content for any of them, it’s important to understand what each platform’s users expect.

What works well on social?


Purpose: Broadcast & amplify.

What’s effective? Stories. Emotive tales. Think and act like a publisher.


Purpose: Thought leadership.

What’s effective?  Opinions and expertise. Business successes. Trending topics. Teach. Educate. Lead the way.


Purpose: Inspire & empower.

What’s effective?  ‘How To’ content. Instructions. Information. Inspiring images. Pinterest is often the start of the shopping journey.

YouTube, TikTok

Purpose: Entertain, educate & inspire.

What’s effective? Personality. Products. Video brings things to life far more than a photo ever could. Capture the attention. Drive brand awareness.


Purpose: Inspire & entertain.

What’s effective? Aspirational and luxury imagery. Knowledge and expertise. Humanise your brand. Reflect your culture. Sell your expertise and USPs.


Purpose: Be reactive. Flex your tone of voice. Share news and views.

What’s effective? Conversational content. Bold opinions. Anything quick and topical.

Knowing your audience is key

Don’t just jump on the bandwagon and start using the latest social media platform each time a new one emerges.

Ask yourself: Where is my audience?

If you know where they are, it’s far easier to join them than try to attract them somewhere else.

Improve your social media strategy

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