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How to use testimonials on your website

Testimonials instantly give your website credibility and build trust with your potential clients.

They're also proven to increase conversions.

Here are some tips and examples to show you how to use testimonials effectively...

Explain the benefits: How will your product improve your customer's life

Highlight key areas: Will it save someone time or money?

Focus on your USP: Can you show potential clients you're good value or unique?

Prove your expertise: Can you show why they need to hire an expert (like you) rather than do it themselves?

The devil's in the detail: Use the person’s full name, position, company and photograph (if possible). The more information it has, the more credible it is.

Where can you use testimonials?

It can be difficult to know where to put testimonials - and people often think having a single page dedicated to this is the answer.

In reality, this doesn’t really work as users might not even look at it. A better approach is to include testimonials on key pages.

Home Page: Often the most popular page on your website, so placing a positive and informative testimonial gives it a chance to be seen by every user.

Product or Service Pages: Adding them here allows you to be specific about what you offer. If the testimonial relates to a product or service, it could be the extra nudge needed to make an enquiry or purchase. 

Near Call to Actions: A positive testimonials sitting above your all-important call to action might convince someone to click on it.

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