Why is it so important to write unique and valuable content for your website?

With some much competition around and millions of websites fighting to be on the first page of Google it’s no surprise that Google, along with other search engines, has started to rank those sites which have unique and valuable content higher.

So if you’re going to be producing content for your website we’ve put together criteria that will help you write that all-important content

One of a kind

You need to write content that the search engines haven’t seen before. It’s often easy to look at competitors websites and change a few words and pretend that it’s your content but the search engines will pick up on this and realise that they’ve seen it before. Every business is unique, ok they may sell the same products or services but the way they sell that product or service or what they say about that product and service is always different and your own personal style and voice should come across in the tone of your content.


Your content needs to be relevant. Yes this may sound obvious but a lot of companies get this bit wrong. You need to ensure that your content answers those questions that your potential customers and existing customers have. After all, you know your industry or the community that you're operating in, so you should be well-equipped to answer these questions that they may have.


This one's pretty obvious. You should resolve the searcher's query in a useful, efficient manner and provide them with a call to action. What is the next step, how do they get in touch with you, how do they buy that product or service? Make sure you know your own goals as a business, do you want searchers to download certain information, email you,  sign up to a newsletter, whatever it is this call to action needs to be clear and concise throughout your website.

Uniquely valuable

It’s pretty impossible to provide information that is unavailable or hard to get elsewhere. However, it’s not impossible to see the same information but you can ensure that it is designed or said in a different way. You want your searchers to think ‘I’ve seen this before but never like this’ or ‘without this site I would never have found that information’.  Try and think about what information the searcher would like to read about, for example if somebody searches for rental property in Hull, they're probably looking for a listing of rental properties, but they’ll probably have other queries as well. They might want to know what that area is like, what amenities does that area have or they could be wanting to know things about schools or local transport. This way you’re providing unique value as well as unique content.

Great user experience

This means it's easy and pleasurable to view anywhere and on any device.

It’s so important to get the content of your website right, especially if you’d like to rank high within the search engines. Providing unique value and unique content will certainly get your site noticed for all the right reasons.

Get it done professionally

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