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3 simple ways to generate more traffic and leads

We need more traffic! What can we blog about?

But before you even think about new blog topics, there are 3 simple things you can do to attract more potential customers.

Improve your online directory listings

If you're a location-based business where customers can actually walk in and visit, it makes sense to be listed on Google My Business, Apple Maps and other online directories.

Once you are, keep them up to date with relevant branding, images and opening times and you'll all-but guarantee more traffic.

Make your meta better

Meta content is the number one thing Google takes into account when trying to find what each individual web page is about.

Improving your page title to incorporate more relevant keywords WILL help to increase the amount of traffic each page receives.

If you want them to show up fully in Google, make them unique and keep them under 60 (ish) characters.

You can also help to improve the click through rate to your site (yet more traffic!) by writing a compelling and unique meta description.

These are not a direct ranking factor, but they will entice users to want to click and find out more. Current best practice is to keep them under 155 characters.

Simplify your 'Call To Actions'

While this may seem pretty obvious, you'd be surprised by how many people do not sit down and focus on what their 'conversion' process actually is.

It could be something simple like clicking on a telephone number or filling in a call-back form.

In our experience, you can never be too clear when it comes to CTAs.

And asking for less details makes it much more likely that a visitor will 'convert' into a customer.

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